Our Mission

  • "To coordinate and provide timely, quality and credible official statistics for use by Stakeholders and clients for sustainable Development.


Goal Statement

  • “To achieve an effective, efficient and coordinated National Statistical System (NSS) that will ensure sustainable production and disseminating of demand driven official statistics for national development”.

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The Central Statistical Office (CSO) is a department under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Zambia. The department is headed by a Director. According to the Census and Statistics Act, Chapter 127 of the Laws of Zambia, CSO’s mandate is to collect and analyse official data on economic and social indicators that are disseminated on a timely basis. CSO’s mission statement is to coordinate and provide timely, quality and credible official statistics for use by stakeholders and clients for sustainable development.

The Central Statistical Office has four divisions namely;

  • Economic and Financial Statistics
  • Agriculture and Environment Statistics
  • Social Statistics
  • Information, Research and Dissemination

Each Division is managed by a Deputy Director. Therefore, CSO has one director and Four Deputy Directors.

There are various statistical branches under the Economic and Financial Statistics division. These are Prices statistics, External Trades statistics, Living Conditions statistics, Public Finance statistics, National accounts statistics and Industrial Production statistics.


Under the Agriculture and Environment Statistics division, there is agriculture branch and environment branch. Social Statistics division has also got various branches under it. These are Labour statistics, Demography and population statistics, Geographical Information System (GIS) statistics and Migration statistics branches.


Branches found under Information, Research and Dissemination division are Gender statistics, Library, Field Coordination, Operations, Sales office and Dissemination Branches.


Our data users are able to get information on various statistics such as GDP, Inflation rates, Production of major crops, Food balance sheet and Index of industrial production from our branches that are in charge of such statistics. CSO is also able to provide statistics tailored to our clients requirements.


Data requests to the Director CSO should be made through our dissemination branch. The Library section is open to the general public from 08:00hrs to 13:00hrs, and from 14:00hrs to 17:00hrs every working day.


The Central Statistical Office has also got offices in all the provincial headquarters across the country. These provincial offices are headed by Regional Statisticians.