Agriculture & Environment Statistics

To provide agricultural production figures used for calculating the agriculture sector's contribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

- To provide Government institutions, the donor community and other international partners with useful information that will enable the formulation of developmental programs for improving food security. 

- To provide baseline data used in carrying out Vulnerability Assessment and Mapping (VAM).  

- To generate information that will contribute towards preparedness and mitigation of disasters.

- To provide the ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) with indicators used for Agriculture Sector Performance Analysis for agricultural policy, planning and decision making.

The purpose of the CAS conducted by the Environment Statistics Branch is to obtain information that provides estimates of the annual fish production from Zambia’s major water bodies. This information is necessary for determining the contribution of the fisheries sector to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It also helps to monitor the quantities of fish caught in order for Government and other stakeholders to put in place measures to prevent resource over-exploitation.

The survey also collects data on the methods of fishing and the type of fishing gear and equipment used, and species of fish caught and their numbers as well as providing estimates of fish production. The CAS is also an important tool in estimating food security as the fisheries sector provides a valuable and cheap source of nutrition to the fishing communities, surrounding areas and the national as a whole.