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  • "To coordinate and provide timely, quality and credible official statistics for use by Stakeholders and clients for sustainable Development.


Goal Statement

  • “To achieve an effective, efficient and coordinated National Statistical System (NSS) that will ensure sustainable production and disseminating of demand driven official statistics for national development”.

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The Agriculture Statistics Branch under the Agriculture Statistics Division conducts two major Surveys annually; namely the Crop Forecast Survey (CFS) and the Post Harvest Survey (PHS).


The purpose of the CFS is to obtain information from farmers on the anticipated estimates of area under major crops, production and sales during the season. This information is used to assess the expected food security situation in the country and also to produce the National Food Balance Sheet, which is used to determine the surplus or deficit of major cereals and tubers in the country. The information is vital to the government, NGO’s, private sector particularly traders as well as donors for strategic decisions may relate to local marketing and import/export issues.


Objectives of the Crop Forecasting Survey;
  • To provide Government with reliable, empirical annual crop production statistics for the agricultural season
  • To generate the annual National Food Balance Sheet, which gives the National Food Balance
  • To provide public institutions, the private sector and other stakeholders with National, Provincial and District level indicators of seasonal agricultural performance
  • To provide statistics on the potential available marketable surplus for the major crops grown in the country
  • To provide production statistics used for estimation of the agricultural contribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The PHS on the other hand provides actual production as opposed to estimates provided by the CFS.

The major objective of the Post Harvest Survey is;

  • To provide Key Agriculture Performance Indicators for the National Development Plans. These indicators include, land under brought under irrigation, percentage change in livestock and poultry population in the cattle, pigs, goats and sheep and disease prevalence of major livestock disease outbreaks such as foot and Mouth Disease(FMD), Contagious Bovine Plural Pneumonia (CBPP) and East Cost Fever (ECF).
  • To provide public institutions, private sector and other stakeholders and the farmers themselves with indicators of seasonal agricultural performance for planning and research.
  • To provide agricultural figures used for calculating agricultural contribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Product.
  • To provide Government institutions, the donor community and other international partners with useful information that will enable the formulation of developmental programs for improving food security.
  • To provide baseline data used in carrying out Vulnerability Assessment and Mapping (VAM).
  • To generate information that will contribute towards preparedness and mitigation of disasters.
  • To provide the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock with indicators for Agricultural sector Performance Analysis for agricultural policy, planning and decision making.