Plenary session

Room 1: 

IPS3 – Mutual benefits of collaboration between official statisticians and academics

Chair: Stephen Penneck

Invited speakers:

1.    Denise Lievesley

2.    Lamine Diop

3.    Kerrie Mengersen

4.    Ben Kiregyera

5.    Conchita Kleijweg

6.    Oliver Chinganya

Parallel Sessions #6

Time 10:30-12:00

Room 1: 

Session R1.6 – Panel session

Chair: Sassire Napo

S1.2. Young African Statisticians’ contribution to modernizing statistical systems in Africa

Organizers: Young African Statisticians 



1. Edem Kludza

2. Uwamahoro Sandrine

3. Assana Richard Ayizou

4. Fransina Amutenya

Discussant: Kerrie Anderson

Room 2: 

Session R2.6 – Panel Session

Chair: Themba Munalula

S1.3. Importance of Subregional statistical organizations

Organizers: Misha Belkindas


1. Konstattin Laykam

2. Paul-Henri Nguema Meye

3. Misha Belkindas

Discussant: Jean Louis Bodin

Room 3: 

Session R3.6 – 

Chair: Arnoldo Frigessi

C5.12 Joint Bayesian modeling of time to malaria and mosquito abundance in Ethiopia

Denekew Bitew

C5.22 Trends of Respiratory rate change among Under-five pneumonia Admitted patients Follow-Up in Felege-Hiwot General and referral Hospital: A Multivariate Decomposition Analysis

Muluwerk  Ayele Derebe

C5.10 Zero Human Rabies Deaths: A One Health approach to rabies elimination in Zambia

Chikoloma Nakazwe

C3.16. Individual and Contextual-level factors associated with Well-being among older Adults in Rural Zambia:  A multilevel analysis.

Andrew Banda

Room 4: 

Session R4.6 – Panel session

Chair: Reija Helenius

S2.6. Statistics shapes society

Organizer: Statistics Finland


Elisa Falck, Project Coordinator, International Statistical Literacy Project. ‘Challenges and opportunities to promote statistical literacy’.

Karen Bett, Policy Manager, Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data.

‘Democratizing data skills in the continent’. 

 Delia North, Professor, University of KwaZulu-Natal‘Capacity Building for the Data Era: The story of UKZN (South Africa)’

 Chikoloma NakazweProgram Project Manager, National Public Health Institute. ‘Zambia’s experience in the ISLP school competition


David Stern, Dr., Mathematical Scientist, Founding Director of IDEMS International.

Room :5 

Session R5.6 – 

Chair: Lidija Brković

C5.46 Mortality indicators in international health monitoring – room for improvement from Nordic, European and global perspective?

Mika Gissler

C5.26 Social determinants of maternal mortality in South Africa: evidence from the Community Survey 2016

Thembelihle Luthuli

C5.28 The root-Gaussian Cox Process for Spatio-Temporal Diseases Mapping with Aggregated Data

Zeytu Asfaw

C3.14. Beyond stocks and flows: Quantifying migration patterns of recent global developments in official statistics

Anna Sára Ligeti

Room 6:  

Session R6.6 – 

Chair: Denise Lievesley

The Impact of COVID-19 on Transport and Logistics Operations in Zambia: A Perspective from Firms and Customs Authorities and Agencies.

John Mututwa.   

C5.31 A Cohort Study of COVID-19 Patients: Hawassa University Referral Hospital, Ethiopia 

Anteneh Bezabih 

C5.32 The Impact of COVID-19 on Household Food Insecurity: The Case of Household Dietary Diversity and Food Expenditure Share in Zambia

Chitalu Miriam Chama-Chiliba

Room 7: 

Session R7.6 – 

Chair: Macdonald G. Obudho

C5.43 Small area estimation of zone level malnutrition among under five children in Ethiopia

Kindie Fentahun Muchie

C5.44 Understanding suicidal tendencies among Namibian adolescents: A structural Equation Model 

Lillian Pazvakawambwa

C5.45 The Effect of Delayed Treatment on Survival of  Breast Cancer Patients at Cancer Diseases Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Masaku Sheila

C4.5. Operating large-scale micro databases with public and private data sources.

Johannes Micheler

Plenary – Closing Session & Key outcomes.

Room 1

Remarks, Mulenga JJ Musepa, Statistician General, Zambia Statistics Agency

Chair : Misha Belkindas

1. Dominik Rozkrut

2. Graciela Márquez Colín

3. Oliver Chinganya

4. Promotional video, 64th World Statistics Congress

5. Closing remarks: Felix Nkulukusa, Secretary to Tresury