Central Statistical Office

Central Statistical Office

Central Statistical Office (CSO) is a department under the Ministry of National Development Planning. The department is charged with the responsibility of co-ordinating all statistical activities in the country and is a major producer of official statistical information to various users. CSO operates under the Census and Statistical Act Chapter 127 of the laws of Zambia. Under this law, institutions and the public are obliged to provide CSO with data and also in carrying out this mandate, Confidentiality of information, rights of respondents and statistical ethics are observed.

CSO is divided into four divisions namely; Economic and Financial Statistics Division, Social Statistics Division, Agriculture and Environment Statistics Division, and Information Research and Dissemination Division and each Division is managed by a Deputy Director. Therefore, CSO has one Director and Four Deputy Directors.


Our Mission

  • "To coordinate and provide timely, quality and credible Official Statistics for use by Stakeholders and clients for Sustainable Development".


Goal Statement

  • "To achieve an effective, efficient and coordinated National Statistical System (NSS) that will ensure sustainable production and disseminating of demand driven Official Statistics for national development".


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