Zambia Statistics Agency

Agriculture and Environment Statistics Division

The Agriculture and Environment Statistics Division consists of two (2) branches namely: The Agriculture Statistics and The Environment Statistics.

The Agriculture Statistics Branch conducts two major surveys annually; The Crop Forecast Survey (CFS) and the Post Harvest Survey (PHS). The Environmental Statistics Branch conducts the Fisheries Frame Update Survey and the Fish Catch Assessment Surveys (CAS). The Environment Statistics Branch also regularly produces a Compendium of Environment Statistics.

The CFS serves as an early warning system to Government and other stake holders with respect to national food security. Results of the CFS can indicate, in ample time, whether the nation will experience a food deficit or not. Information obtained from farmers during the CFS includes: area planted to various crops, expected production, expected sales, quantity of fertilizer used, among many other variables. This information is used to assess the food security situation in the country and also to produce the National Food Balance Sheet (NFBS). The NFBS is used to determine the surplus or deficit of major cereals and tubers in the country. This information is vital to the government, NGOs, private sector particularly traders as well as donors for strategic planning and decision making purposes. Such strategic decisions may relate to local marketing and import/export issues.

The PHS on the other hand provides actual crop production as opposed to estimates provided by the CFS. The major objectives of the PHS are;

To provide key Agriculture Performance Indicators for the National Development Plans.

To provide public institutions, the private sector, research organizations and other stakeholders with indicators of seasonal agricultural performance for planning and research.

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