Central Statistical Office

Economic and Financial Statistics Division

The function of this Division is to collect, compile, analyse and disseminate Economic and Financial Statistics. It is also responsible for improving the on-going Economic and Financial Statistics data methodology. In addition, it harmonizes and standardizes data collection methodologies, concepts and definitions of Economic and Financial Statistics in liaison with other departments.

Other functions of the Economic and Financial Statistics Division are to initiate research activities in Economic and Financial Statistics; to embark on a comprehensive generation of Local Government statistics; and to monitor living conditions of the population.

The Division consists of six branches namely: National Accounts, Prices and Consumption Studies, Living Conditions Monitoring, Public Finance, External Trade and Industrial Production. Several Macroeconomic indices are produced by the Division.

The Prices and Consumption Studies Branch is responsible for producing the Consumer Price Index, used to gauge the changes in the general price levels of goods and services in the country.

The Living Conditions Monitoring Branch conducts the Living Conditions Monitoring Survey used to measure the poverty levels and the general socioeconomic welfare of households in the country.

The Public Finance Branch is responsible for production of Government Financial Statistics as well as other financial statistics of the public sector.

The External Trade Branch is responsible compilation and analysis of the Merchandise Trade Statistics between Zambia and the rest of the world.

The Industrial Production Branch is responsible for the compilation of the Index of Industrial Production used to gauge the quarterly performance of the Mining, Manufacturing and Electricity industries.

The National Accounts Branch is responsible for computing Gross Domestic Product, which is the yardstick for measuring economic performance of the country. Other aggregates produced are Gross National Income, Gross Disposable Income, and Gross Saving.

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