Zambia Statistics Agency

Information, Research and Dissemination (IRD)

Information, Research and Dissemination (IRD) Division is responsible for ensuring that information on statistical activities and the data collected is disseminated, and easily accessible by the Users- including the general public.  The Division consists of two branches namely: Information Technology; and Research and Dissemination. The Division also consists of four units, that is: Gender Statistics; Library; Printing and Field Coordination.

Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology (IT) Branch is responsible for processing of data from all surveys and censuses that are conducted by the office, It also plays a vital role in maintaining existing databases, the Local Area Network (LAN), Internet, Web Site, Hardware as well as development of application software to come up with the best data capturing systems, such as CAPI- Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing. CAPI is an approach which integrates interviewing and data entry through the use of hand held devices, mostly Tablets. The Branch is also in charge of Documentation & Archiving as well as Backup of all datasets.

Research and Dissemination

In an effort to promote increased utilization of statistical information, the Research and Dissemination Branch is responsible for providing an interface with various statistical users. These users include policy makers, Cooperating Partners, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), researchers, academicians, the media and general public. The Branch releases data obtained from all statistical activities to users through various media. For each data release, there is a need to effectively communicate to users on the availability of the new data and information. This data is disseminated online via our website and open data platform. The data can also be accessed through email to the Dissemination Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The Branch conducts adhoc surveys (both quantitative and qualitative), upon request, in collaboration with the requesting institutions. These surveys are preceded by the signing of Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs).

Library and Resource Centre

Additionally, researchers can have access to a wide range of information by visiting the CSO Library and the Resource Centre for various datasets from data collected by CSO. The Library and Resource Centre are open to the public from Monday to Friday (8:30-13:00hours and 14:00-17 hours).

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