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Zambia joins the rest of the African Countries in celebrating African Statistics Day-18th November 2020


The African Statistics Day (ASD) was adopted in May 1990 by the Sixteenth Meeting of the United Nations’ Economic Commission for Africa Conference of African Ministers responsible for Planning and Economic Development. Each year, Africa celebrates this day on 18th November in order to increase public awareness about the important role which statistics play in all aspects of social and economic life of our countries and the continent.

Zambia, through the Zambia Statistics Agency (ZamStats), also celebrates the African Statistics Day annually under various topics related to the production, dissemination and accessibility of statistical information as well as their use for evidence based decision making.

It has always been an opportunity to bring together producers and users, professionals and academicians, specialists from government and private institutions, civil society, media and international organizations, to discuss the development of statistical activities. From these discussions, different suggestions are proposed, shared and considered for improvement of production of statistics and their accessibility.

2. Theme for 2020

The theme for this year is: “Modernizing National Statistical Systems to Provide Data and Statistics to Support Sustainable Peace and Development in Africa.” The theme specifically calls for raising awareness among decision-makers, technical and financial partners, data producers, researchers and the general public about the critical importance of governance and socio-economic statistics in achieving the goal of a conflict-free Africa.

3. Commemoration of the African Statistics Day


The main objectives of the commemoration for this year, therefore, shall be:

1. To increase awareness of official statistics, availability and accessibility,

2. Create a dialogue space for NSS stakeholders,

3. Engage the public and private sectors and other stakeholders in the production, dissemination and use of administrative and official statistics,

4. Enhance the capacity of line ministries, academicians and media to access and use official statistics for evidence based decision making and reporting, and

5. Disseminate statistical publications.

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