Gender Statistics

Detailed and analysed Statistics on Gender are presented in a Gender status report (GSR). The reports have been produced by Zamstats in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender (Former). The first Gender Baseline report was produced in 2011. This was followed by a Gender Status report produced in 2014. Another GSR was produced in 2015/2016, and 2017/2019, respectively.

This is a report that highlights Zambia’s current progress towards attaining gender equality and equity in various developmental sectors. The report highlights not only the strides that the country has made so far, but also the critical challenges in its efforts, towards achieving desired national, regional, and international gender mainstreaming outcomes. It casts light on existing inequalities across regions and in the population at large. While the intention of the report is to ensure that all categories or groups of people are represented, much of the sub-thematic analysis is limited to women, men, girls, and the youth.

The data collected and statistics produced from surveys and censuses are used for generating selected indicators that are required to develop the Gender Status Report. Other data sources for this report include published and unpublished reports or documents generated from administrative records/reports from different government ministries and other agencies. Some of the sources of the administrative reports include; Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Public Service Commission Division (PSMD), Ministry of Local Government, Judiciary, National Assembly, Ministry of Labour and Social Services, Ministry of Community Development, Department of Gender, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Community Development, CEEC public domain reports, and IAPRI.