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The Zambia Statistical Agency (ZamStats) is a sole designated entity responsible for the publication of official statistics. The Agency is a statutory body which was established through the Statistics Act No. 13 of 2018. The key provisions of the new statistical Act establishes an integrated National Statistical System; Promote the use of statistical data and information at individual, institutional, national and international levels. Some of the key functions of the Agency are to:

  • Develop and coordinate an integrated National Statistical System;
  • Establish consultative mechanisms for effective dialogue with a statistical agency or user for the purposes of this ACT;
  • Advise the Minister on matters related to official statistics and other statistics;
  • Review all initiatives to collect data at the national level in the context of an integrated National Statistical System;
  • Approve an instrument for data collection developed for national level data collection, including a census frame, register, sample design and questionnaire to be used in conducting a census and survey;
  • Promote and encourage use of common concepts, definitions, nomenclatures and standards in the collection, analysis and dissemination of statistics in order to ensure integration of the National Statistical System;
  • Compile, analyse, abstract and disseminate demographic, social, economic, financial, agricultural, environmental and other statistics;
  • Undertake research on, and develop techniques and methods of, generating statistics;
  • Promote user and producer interface on statistics; and
  • Maintain a coordinated National Statistical System through capacity building, promotion of professional ethics, standards, timeliness and quality of work.

The Board of Directors is responsible for providing strategic policy direction to the Agency. The Board consists of nine (9) members appointed by the Minister of Finance and National Development Planning. The functions of the Board are to;

  • Promote effective governance of the Agency;
  • Formulate the policing programmes and strategies of the Agency;
  • Approve the annual work-plans, statistical release calendar and activity reports of the Agency;
  • Approve the annual budget estimates and financial statements of the Agency; and
  • Advise the Minister on matters relating to statistics.
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